Mikaela has always been inspired by and drawn to mindful movement. Gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading were a big part of her life growing up, and her love for Yoga grew throughout her university years. Mikaela quickly became captivated by all of the layers of this practice: breath, stillness, movement, expression, connection and community. Practicing became a beautiful self love ritual, and a daily opportunity to expand and evolve. Mikaela volunteered at a handful of studios prior to her teacher training. She found the community aspect of this practice to be so uplifting, inspiring, and supportive - “I felt like I was always learning and growing whether I was practicing or connecting with other people at the studio - it felt so good. I felt seen and heard, and I was challenged to step outside of my comfort zone. I wanted to learn how to hold space for people and share my passion. I wanted others to feel encouraged and inspired to grow instead of lingering in comfort and stagnation. I felt called to teach!” - Mik

Mikaela completed her 250 hr training in Costa Rica, and went back a year later as a teaching assistant. She is currently enrolled in a 300hr program, working towards her 500 hr certification, and finding specific and unique trainings in between. The learning never ends! “The more I learn and commit to this practice, the more insight I have to share with my students and others both off and on the mat.” -M

Mikaela offers a creative, passionate, and supportive style of teaching. She has taught workshops in Canada as well as the United States, Mik runs an annual yoga retreat in Costa Rica, she is co-teaching a retreat in Iceland this October (2019), and continues to inspire others both on and off the mat via her Instagram account (@mikmill).

What should students expect from your class?

Students can expect a class that both challenges and nourishes the body and mind. My intention is to hold a safe space, where students can drop all expectation at the door and come to their mat just as they are. I like to invite my students to tap into a flow that is creative, curious, and strong. It’s paired with mindful breath, motivating insight, traditional teachings and inspiring music. I encourage authentic movement, and flowing rather than hustling or forcing. Students discover a deeper level of awareness, and through that connect with their highest self. Their best self. Who they truly are. What a blessing. 


I believe in teaching others how to honour this practice

both oN & OFF the mat.

I believe in creating aND LIVING A LIFE OF LOVE & PURPOSE.