Healthy Habits = Happy Skin

For a while now (what feels like close to 6 years) I have played around with various wellness routines, and healthy eating habits.

Somewhere in this self-love/ healing/ nourishing practice of mine lies my skin care routine! This is something I make time for twice a day, everyday. I notice a difference and feel slightly off balance when I don’t wash my face! It’s the little things that end up playing a powerful and positive role in our routines isn’t it?

Healthy skin is a result of MANY different variables. I have learned throughout the years that there is a fine balance between internal and external nourishment in order to see results of healthy, glowing, youthful skin! I have spent hours researching and experimenting with various routines, and have come to discover one that is perfect for me.

I’m not saying that MY skin care routine will be perfect for you – but some of my take away tips and habits that I have been practicing may benefit you and your skin care routine! 

First things first, your skin is a result of what you put into and on to your body. So please choose natural, plant based products. Read the labels. Do you recognize everything on the list? Do you know where it was made?

Feed and strengthen your body, your human suit, all of your tissues and functioning pieces that deserve healthy sustenance. I will be the first to say that I am so guilty of eating sugar here and there, and empty carbs (i.e. white rice, white baggette). I do not eat meat. I haven’t for 7 years now. I choose to eat salmon once a month or every
month and a half when my body asks for it – but that’s a different story/ potential blog post!

fre 4.jpg

Basically, choose balance. Work towards what makes you feel good because that will result in what your body looks like – aka your skin!

Don’t deprive yourself, but slow down and ask yourself “how is my body going to benefit from this product/food?”

Here are my healthy habits I try to keep consistent in order to feel good on the inside and have it show on the outside (specifically my face!):

  1. Drink lots of water (I drink up to 1L a day – always aiming for more!)
  2. Green Juice/ Smoothie/ raw fruits and veggies every day (in whatever form you choose!) Keep them raw – adding heat to raw produce will break down the nutrients and essential vitamins they contain in their most natural state
  3. Natural Face Mask 2-3 times a week
  4. Wash my pillow cover once a week (this is a new one for me so I am trying hard to stay consistent with it) – lots of bacteria and microorganisms live on your pillow
  5. Wash my face 2 times a day:                                                                                    
  • Rinse with warm water
  • Face wash
  • Rinse with warm 
  • Splash with cold water (close pores)
  • Spray toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer                                                                                                    

Something I really want to share on here is that I have recently added the 123 Fre Skin Care line into my routine and I am seriously loving it. It feeds my skin the nourishment it deserves and leaves my face feeling SO soft and glowing.

Why Fre Skin Care?

  •  All natural, vegan
  • Light weight
  • Moisturizing (with ZERO greasiness)
  • SPF 30 (non comeodogenic – does not block pores)
  • Argania Active Complex (high in antioxidants and fatty acids = rejuvenates,                     protects, tightens and tones, heals, leaves skin glowing!)
  • For every 123 Fre set sold, another Argan Tree “also known as the Tree of Life, is planted to help replenish the endangered Argan forest and support women who harvest Argan oil in Morocco” – Fre Skin Care
  • All products (face wash, serum, and moisturizer) smell AMAZING and leave my skin feeling incredibly soft

Check out my Fre fam:
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Share some comments below on what works for your skin care routine!
Whether that be healthy eating habits, elixirs that work for you, your
topical face care routine, share away!